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The smartest way to fundraise & manage investors

Mission: Democratize the world of funding so that funding is distributed to the right organizations by merit, and bring a balance to economic and social return into the investment decision.

* Side effects may include automated investor reporting, ESG compliance and happy stakeholders.

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Data You Can Trust

By integrating into third-party APIs, such as accounting software, we pull and display data from the source of truth. Meaning you can always trust the data you see on PortF.


Keep track of potential investor communications by using our custom CRM platform.


Advanced features such as seeing which investor has seen your pitch deck come as standard.

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See your operational metrics in one place. 90% of investor requests are taken care of automatically by directly linking to accounting software.

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Keep all legal docs tidy in one place with tags - ready for investment.

Use our in-built service to reduce legal costs

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Share and track pitch deck engagement

  • A unique link that allows you to track if your deck has been seen. 

  • Sample Pitch decks from the best in the world for inspiration.

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Simplified Finance

  • See financial metrics the way potential investors see them.

  • Bookkeeping: powered by AI, delivered by human bookkeepers (see bookkeeping page for more information)

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Page Access

  • You are in full control of WHO can see WHAT as per your agreement with your existing and potential investors.

  • Keep all stakeholders informed effortlessly.

  • Update all or a few in one go by ticking the boxes.

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What else do we offer?

Advanced NLP Newsfeed aggregator

ESG & Governance

Cap Table Management

Ask for Help

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Try Us Out

No obligation trial

Board Papers

  • Upload & share - demonstrate good governance for your potential investors.

  • Use our free Board Paper & Board minutes template.

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