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Portfolio, Impact, and ESG Management under one roof

One platform that allows you to track metrics that matter to you automatically.*

*Our secret sauce: We understand that every organization works differently, and hence we build a low code/no code platform that works the way you work.

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Data You Can Trust

By integrating into third-party APIs, such as accounting software, we pull and display data from the source of truth. Meaning you can always trust the data you see on PortF.

Commercial Module

Track financial performances automatically via Accounting feeds; flexible business KPIs; one source of truth for all investment related documents from Board Paper, Board Minutes, legal, Captable and more.

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ESG Module

We map frameworks and allow you to design an ESG survey that fits your needs. Leave us to do the boring bits: chasing, data collection, cleaning, validation, scoring, benchmarking and analytics, such as company financial performance vs ESG scores.

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Impact Module

We have incorporated IMP impact practice and Theory of Change that allows funder to automate Due Diligence, reporting and tracking changes over time.

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What else do we offer?

Pre-built Analytics

Track Actual vs Plan





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