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Save time and cost by using one white-label platform to manage and deliver all your CSRD client projects

Guide your clients to compliance with our 2-sided platform, built for collaboration
Undertake Double Materiality Assessments
Seamlessly identify potential Impacts, Risks and Opportunities as required by the CSRD reporting standards.

Our easy to use interface breaks down the topical standards to ensure you're always assigning IROs to the required topics.

Customise your materiality scoring methodology to suit your needs, or use our own and clearly see which topics are material to the business with our materiality matrix.
No more spreadsheets, reliable data management and an easy-to-use interface
Use your own custom scoring methodologies or our own in-house approach
Better collaboration with rationale and comments logs at every step, to see why an IRO or score has been chosen
Upload all your existing data, reports and documents into the dedicated document storage area, and the platform will automatically identify which requirements you have data for, or where they are missing.
AI- Assisted gap-analysis and report preparation modules, but always with human verification   
Focus your efforts on data gaps
Automatically gather and tag data, no need for time-consuming data entry  
Achieve audit assurance
We know that assurance is critical when it comes to CSRD and ESG data. Audit logs are captured automatically when any changes are made in the platform, with the added ability to leave comments and request approvals.
Invite 3rd party auditors
Configurable permission levels: 'viewer', 'editor' and 'administrator'
Easy data management with fully exportable audit logs
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