Enhance your portfolio management

One platform that allows you to track metrics that matter to you automatically.

Manage, track and convert your commercial, ESG, impact data — all-in-one  
Commercial Module
Automatically track financial performance through API-linked accounting feeds or manual uploads. Enjoy flexible business KPIs and a centralised source for all investment-related documents, from board papers and minutes to legal documents and cap tables.
Trustworthy automated real-time data streams
Condition-based alerts: automated status alerts
Survey-to-KPI linking /portfolio benchmarking
ESG Module
Comes with default frameworks, but you can customize it entirely. 3 clicks for you, and Leave us to do the boring bits: chasing, data collection, cleaning, validation, scoring, benchmarking and analytics.
Bringing clarity to ESG: comparing financial and non-financial data
Get deeper insights with portfolio slice & dice
Built-in carbon calculator and benchmarking
Impact Module
We have incorporated and digitalized Theory of Change, IMP and Social Value Model that allows you to pick whichever practice works for you. Workflow automation from Impact Due Diligence assessment, ongoing monitoring, to tracking changes over time.
Customised KPIs and monitoring questionnaire database
Multiple users collaboration and knowledge sharing
Create KPIs that suit any impact project: entirely flexible
Take full control of your portfolio with sustainability at its core