Best iLevel Alternatives 2024

Choosing the right portfolio management platform is crucial for investors and asset managers. This article compares PortF with iLevel and explores alternative solutions such as eFront, Dynamo, and TotemVC, providing a comprehensive view of the available options in the market for 2024.

PortF is a comprehensive platform that bridges the gap between financial data and sustainability (ESG) portfolio data. It offers customisable dashboards, AI-driven analytics, and seamless integration with various data sources, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to manage, track, and convert their data into actionable insights.

iLevel, by S&P Global, is a portfolio monitoring software that provides transparency and insight into alternative investment portfolios. It assists general partners and limited partners in streamlining data collection, portfolio monitoring, analytics, valuation, and reporting. The platform is known for its data mastery, advanced customisable reporting, and flexibility in data access​​​​​​.

Comparing iLevel & PortF

  1. Target Audience: PortF is versatile, catering to a wider range of businesses with its integration of financial and sustainability data. iLevel focuses on alternative asset managers and institutional investors, particularly in private markets​​.
  2. Features: While both offer robust data analytics and customisable reporting, PortF's strength lies in its AI-driven insights and focus on ESG metrics. iLevel excels in data consolidation, offering managed data services and expert support​​​​.
  3. User Experience: PortF emphasises user-friendly interfaces and all-in-one solutions. iLevel offers a web-based platform, Excel add-ins, and API access, focusing on flexibility and automation​​.

Alternative Solutions

  1. eFront: As a leading provider of software solutions for the alternative investment sector, eFront offers a comprehensive suite covering all alternative investment asset classes. It is recognied as a market leader, with a significant proportion of the top limited and general partners using its products and services. eFront’s solution suite is known for its comprehensive coverage and real benefits to businesses in the alternative investment space​​​​.
  2. Dynamo: Dynamo provides an end-to-end cloud platform for the alternative investments ecosystem, including private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and real estate. It offers modules for investor relations, deal management, portfolio performance monitoring, and fund accounting. Dynamo is tailored to streamline various aspects of asset management and is particularly strong in its investor relations and capital raising functionalities​​​​.
  3. TotemVC: TotemVC presents itself as an all-encompassing operating system for funds, serving as a unified platform for all fund-related data.

When selecting a portfolio management platform, it’s important to consider the specific needs and focus of your organisation. PortF offers a unique blend of financial and ESG data integration, suitable for a wide array of businesses prioritizing sustainability alongside financial performance. iLevel is a strong contender for those focused on alternative investments, offering detailed portfolio monitoring and reporting capabilities. For those looking for specialized solutions in alternative investments, eFront, Dynamo, and TotemVC provide robust options with varying strengths in comprehensive solution suites, investor relations, and a full lifecycle approach to asset management. Each platform brings distinct capabilities to the table, making the choice highly dependent on the specific requirements and strategic focus of the investor or asset manager.

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