Streamlining VC Portfolio Management: Top AirTable Templates for VCs


For Venture Capitalists (VCs) managing portfolios and deal flows, efficiency and organization are key. AirTable offers a range of templates specifically designed for VCs, and in this SEO-focused article, we'll explore some of the best AirTable templates available. Additionally, we'll introduce an affordable solution for smaller VC teams: PortF.

1. AirTable Template for VC Portfolio Companies

VC Portfolio Companies Template is an invaluable resource for VCs looking to effectively track and manage their portfolio companies. This template offers:

  • Easy tracking of company details, funding rounds, and key contacts.
  • Customisable views for different data points like investment stages and company performance.

2. AirTable Template for VC Deal Flow

The VC Deal Flow Template streamlines the process of managing potential investment opportunities. Features include:

  • Organising deal information, including deal stage, amount, and lead investor details.
  • Monitoring the progress of each deal through a customisable pipeline.

3. AirTable Universe Template for Managing Extensive Portfolios

For VCs managing larger portfolios, the AirTable Universe Template for Managing Large Portfolios is a perfect fit. It provides:

  • A comprehensive system for tracking over 80 portfolio companies with a small team.
  • Advanced features for detailed analytics and reporting.

AirTable for Initial VC Portfolio Management

AirTable's templates are beneficial for VCs, particularly when managing a smaller number of investments. They provide a good foundation for organizing and tracking up to 10 investments or portfolios under £100 million. However, as VC portfolios grow and become more complex, AirTable's general-purpose design may not suffice for the intricate and specific demands of VC portfolio management.

PortF: Tailored and Cost-Effective for Expanding Portfolios

When VCs expand beyond these initial stages, PortF offers a more specialised and scalable solution. For just £50 a month, PortF provides a platform that is specifically designed for the nuanced needs of VC portfolio management, offering features that are crucial for handling an expanding portfolio. Advantages of choosing PortF include:

  • Customised Management for Larger Portfolios: PortF is tailored to efficiently manage more substantial and complex portfolios, going beyond the capabilities of a generalist tool like AirTable.
  • Affordable Scalability: At just £50 a month, PortF is a cost-effective solution for VCs managing portfolios that are growing beyond the early stages of investment.
  • VC-Specific Functionalities: With features designed specifically for VC portfolio management, PortF ensures that all aspects of portfolio tracking, performance analysis, and impact measurement are comprehensively covered.


While AirTable can be an appropriate tool for managing a limited number of investments, VCs with aspirations to grow their portfolios beyond 10 investments or £100 million in value will likely require a more robust solution. PortF fills this gap as a specialized, affordable platform designed for the complexities of larger VC portfolios. Its tailored features and scalability make it an ideal choice for VCs seeking an effective, long-term solution for portfolio management at a reasonable cost.

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